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Author Profile: Michael Linenberger

Michael Linenberger is the reigning expert on managing e-mail and tasks using Outlook or other software (and even paper-based tools). The author of five best-selling productivity books, his newest Outlook book is Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook 3rd Ed–it…

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Podcast 335: The One Minute To-Do List with Michael Linenberger

In the New Year I wanted to treat my listeners and supporters to better ways to manage their time and life.  This is my second interview with author Michael Linenberger, about this new book entitled ” The One Minute To-Do…

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Author Profile: Sallie Felton

Sallie Felton is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with a passion for helping others define their goals and create action plans to achieve them. Over the course of her practice, Sallie has helped clients to:
Successfully navigate life transitions

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Author Profile: Steve Farber

Steve Farber is the president of Extreme Leadership, Incorporated, and the founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, organizations devoted to the cultivation and development of Extreme Leaders in the business community, non-profits and education. His third book, Greater Than Yourself:…

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Podcast 332: The Radical Leap Re-Energized with Steve Farber

I have known author Steve Farber for several years now, and this is my second podcast  with him. His new book entitled “The Radical Leap Re-Energized” is the subject of this interview The Radical Leap Re-Engerized is designed for those readers…

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Podcast 330: The Inspired Life with Susyn Reeve

So just what is is like to live an inspired life?  I recently interviewed author Susyn Reeve the author of a new book entitled ” The Inspired Life-Unleashing Your Minds Capacity for Joy” and we discussed the important elements associated…

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Podcast 326: Being Extraordinary A New Model for Success with Guy Finley

I always have a great time interviewing Guy Finley.  He is one of my favorite authors with a heart of gold, and a love for humanity.
I had the pleasure of actually being involved in the making of “Being Extraordinary-The New Model…

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Author Profile: Scott Dinsmore

Scott Dinsmore, founder and Chief Experimenter at LiveYourLegend.
I’m a 29-year-old entrepreneur, coach and value investor obsessed with adventure, life experiments and learning. I also have a small problem listening to authority.

For the past 8 years I’ve run experiments…

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Podcast 325: Live Off Your Passion with Scott Dinsmore

I was recently introduced to author Scott Dinsmore’s work through Leo Babauta who is the founder of “Zen Habits“.  I spoke with Scott and his enthusiasm for the work in the personal mastery and human potential movement and it is amazing.  He…

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Podcast 321: The Right-Brain Business Plan with Jennifer Lee

If you are anything like me, you are going to love ” The Right-Brain Business Plan” with Jennifer Lee.  Jennifer Lee’s new book is exactly what I needed and is the first book of it’s type that I have ever…

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