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Author Profile: Mark Samuel

MARK SAMUEL is the President and Founder of IMPAQ, an international consulting firm providing coaching and consulting with an emphasis on Corporate and Personal Accountability. He is also the author of the acclaimed Creating the Accountable Organization and co-author of The Power…

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Author Profile: Nancy Anderson

Nancy Anderson is a career and life consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area and the author of the best selling career guide, Work with Passion, How To Do What You Love For a Living (New World Library, 1984, 20th…

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Author Profile: Michael Bosworth

Mike Bosworth is noted for founding and growing one of the most successful virtual business in the B2B arena. He founded Solution Selling solo in 1983, began adding licensing his intellectual property to affiliates in 1988 and by the time…

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Author Profile: Greg Link

Greg Link is Co-founder, President and CDO (Chief Deal-making Officer) of CoveyLink, a fast growing boutique consultancy committed to influencing influencers to grow their careers and their organizations at the SPEED of TRUST™. As President of CoveyLink, he draws upon his…

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Podcast 341: Work with Passion in Midlife and Beyond with Nancy Anderson

Author Nancy Anderson is probably the best career coach that I have every interviewed.  She not only seems to have a special intuition about what one’s career path should be, she has an amazing wise insight into our current career…

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Author Profile: Sallie Felton

Sallie Felton is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with a passion for helping others define their goals and create action plans to achieve them. Over the course of her practice, Sallie has helped clients to:
Successfully navigate life transitions

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Podcast 334: Why Can’t I Get Rid Of This Clutter with Sallie Felton

It is the beginning of a New Year for everyone, and if you are like me it is time to do some house cleaning.  I have known Sallie Felton author of “Why Can’t I Get Rid of this Clutter” for…

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Podcast 326: Being Extraordinary A New Model for Success with Guy Finley

I always have a great time interviewing Guy Finley.  He is one of my favorite authors with a heart of gold, and a love for humanity.
I had the pleasure of actually being involved in the making of “Being Extraordinary-The New Model…

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Author Profile: Ron McMillan

For more than twenty-eight years, Ron McMillan has helped union and first-level managers, CEOs, and corporate executives become measurably more vital by advising them on topics including team development, personal vitality, quality, communication, and results-oriented leadership. Cofounder of VitalSmarts, Ron…

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Podcast 317: Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success with Ron McMillan

If you are like most people in life, we have all attempted to change a habit or behavior.  Some of us have succeeded and others have not succeeded nor have we been able to sustain the new habit or behavior…

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